San Antonio Missions 2023 schedule

Wolf Stadium, home of the San Antonio Missions. - photo by Joe Alexander
Wolf Stadium, home of the San Antonio Missions. – photo by Joe Alexander
The San Antonio Missions announced their 2023 schedule today. The Missions are the Double-A farm club of the San Diego Padres and play in the Texas League.

Home games in bold
(as of Aug. 30, 2022)


Thursday, 6th at Tulsa
Friday, 7th at Tulsa
Saturday, 8th at Tulsa
Tuesday, 11th vs. Frisco
Wednesday, 12th vs. Frisco
Thursday, 13th vs. Frisco
Friday, 14th vs. Frisco
Saturday, 15th vs. Frisco
Sunday, 16th vs. Frisco

Tuesday, 18th at Corpus Christi
Wednesday, 19th at Corpus Christi
Thursday, 20th at Corpus Christi
Friday, 21st at Corpus Christi
Saturday. 22nd at Corpus Christi
Sunday, 23rd at Corpus Christi
Tuesday, 25th vs. NW Arkansas
Wednesday, 26th vs. NW Arkansas
Thursday, 27th vs. NW Arkansas
Friday, 28th vs. NW Arkansas
Saturday, 29th vs. NW Arkansas
Sunday, 30th vs. NW Arkansas


Tuesday, 2nd at Tulsa
Wednesday, 3rd at Tulsa
Thursday, 4th at Tulsa
Friday, 5th at Tulsa
Saturday, 6th at Tulsa
Sunday, 7th at Tulsa
Tuesday, 9th vs. Corpus Christi
Wednesday, 10th vs. Corpus Christi
Thursday, 11th vs. Corpus Christi
Friday, 12th vs. Corpus Christi
Saturday, 13th vs. Corpus Christi
Sunday, 14th vs. Corpus Christi

Tuesday, 16th at Midland
Wednesday, 17th at Midland
Thursday, 18th at Midland
Friday, 19th at Midland
Saturday, 20th at Midland
Sunday, 21st at Midland
Tuesday, 23rd vs. Amarillo
Wednesday, 24th vs. Amarillo
Thursday, 25th vs. Amarillo
Friday, 26th vs. Amarillo
Saturday, 27th vs. Amarillo
Sunday, 28th vs. Amarillo

Tuesday, 30th at Frisco
Wednesday, 31st at Frisco


Thursday, 1st at Frisco
Friday, 2nd at Frisco
Saturday, 3rd at Frisco
Sunday, 4th at Frisco
Tuesday, 6th vs. Wichita
Wednesday, 7th vs. Wichita
Thursday, 8th vs. Wichita
Friday, 9th vs. Wichita
Saturday, 10th vs. Wichita
Sunday, 11th vs. Wichita

Tuesday, 13th at Amarillo
Wednesday, 14th at Amarillo
Thursday, 15th at Amarillo
Friday, 16th at Amarillo
Saturday, 17th at Amarillo
Sunday, 18th at Amarillo
Tuesday, 20th vs. Midland
Wednesday, 21st vs. Midland
Thursday, 22nd vs. Midland
Friday, 23rd vs. Midland
Saturday, 24th vs. Midland
Sunday, 25th vs. Midland
Wednesday, 28th vs. Frisco
Thursday, 29th vs. Frisco
Friday, 30th vs. Frisco


Saturday, 1st vs. Frisco
Sunday, 2nd vs. Frisco
Monday, 3rd vs. Frisco

Tuesday, 4th at Corpus Christi
Wednesday, 5th at Corpus Christi
Thursday, 6th at Corpus Christi
Friday, 7th at Corpus Christi
Saturday, 8th at Corpus Christi
Sunday, 9th at Corpus Christi
Friday, 14th vs. NW Arkansas
Saturday, 15th vs. NW Arkansas
Sunday, 16th vs. NW Arkansas

Tuesday, 18th at Frisco
Wednesday, 19th at Frisco
Thursday, 20th at Frisco
Friday, 21st at Frisco
Saturday, 22nd at Frisco
Sunday, 23rd at Frisco
Tuesday, 25th vs. Corpus Christi
Wednesday, 26th vs. Corpus Christi
Thursday, 27th vs. Corpus Christi
Friday, 28th vs. Corpus Christi
Saturday, 29th vs. Corpus Christi
Sunday, 30th vs. Corpus Christi


Tuesday, 1st at Arkansas
Wednesday, 2nd at Arkansas
Thursday, 3rd at Arkansas
Friday, 4th at Arkansas
Saturday, 5th at Arkansas
Sunday, 6th at Arkansas
Tuesday, 8th at Springfield
Wednesday, 9th at Springfield
Thursday, 10th at Springfield
Friday, 11th at Springfield
Saturday, 12th at Springfield
Sunday, 13th at Springfield
Tuesday, 15th vs. Midland
Wednesday, 16th vs. Midland
Thursday, 17th vs. Midland
Friday, 18th vs. Midland
Saturday, 19th vs. Midland
Sunday, 20th vs. Midland
Tuesday, 22nd vs. Amarillo
Wednesday, 23rd vs. Amarillo
Thursday, 24th vs. Amarillo
Friday, 25th vs. Amarillo
Saturday, 26th vs. Amarillo
Sunday, 27th vs. Amarillo

Tuesday, 29th at Wichita
Wednesday, 30th at Wichita
Thursday, 31st at Wichita


Friday, 1st at Wichita
Saturday, 2nd at Wichita
Sunday, 3rd at Wichita
Tuesday, 5th at Midland
Wednesday, 6th at Midland
Thursday, 7th at Midland
Friday, 8th at Midland
Saturday, 9th at Midland
Sunday, 10th at Midland
Tuesday, 12th vs. Springfield
Wednesday, 13th vs. Springfield
Thursday, 14th vs. Springfield
Friday, 15th vs. Springfield
Saturday, 16th vs. Springfield
Sunday, 17th vs. Springfield

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